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Heil DuraPack Rapid Rail

A superstar on residential and commercial refuse routes, the DuraPack® Rapid Rail Side Load has a compaction sideload body, making it a reliable and tough refuse collection vehicle. A worldwide network of knowledge into one machine, DuraPack® Rapid Rail will be there for you through anything.

Heil Non-Col Mini

Although this truck is mini, he is mighty. This highly maneuverable Heil® Non-CDL Rear Load Garbage Truck has a large hopper and is perfect for residential and the occasional waste hauling routes. This Mini Rear Loader is waiting for you to place your order. After all, the Mini Rear Loader is exempt from Federal Excise Tax! What isn’t there to love?

Heil PT 1000 Tailgate

A less than 15 second cycle time and a reload of 6 seconds. It is perfect for the routes of residential and commercial trucks and its optimization of productivity. The PT 1000 Tailgate® has superior filtration, brilliant designs to make the operation go smoothly for the jobs ahead.

Heil DuraPack 4060 Split

Allowing a collection of multiple residential trash streams or recyclables, the DuraPack® 4060 Split Body Rear Loader can accomplish the work of two. The truck’s enhanced fuel efficiency and durability are only a few factors of bringing this truck into your fleet.

Heil DuraPack 5000

From 30 years of reliability, DuraPack has become one of the most mainstays of refuse collection fleets. This truck is meant to last. The DuraPack® 5000 is durable and has high life longevity between its outstanding weight distribution and enhanced controller abilities.

Heil PowerTrak Commercial PLUS

The PowerTrak® Commercial PLUS High Capacity Rear Loader Garbage Truck is designed to make the axle more structurally sound, where it can then carry an even greater legal payload. The revolutionary dual-track system gives the top cylinder its track to reduce resistance, making your job as easy as possible.

Heil PowerTrak Commercial

This powerful rear load garbage truck has high-pressure hydraulics and a dual-track design that is fit to handle construction, demolition, and bulk waste batter than any other commercial truck you may know in its class. Easy maintenance is just another great feature of this PowerTrak® Commercial Rear Loader, be sure to look into this truck as it could be the perfect fit for you.

Heil MultiPack

The MultiPack® Automated Side combines three precision-engineered products: the DuraPack® body, the superior Python automated arm, and the proven DuraPack® 5000 tailgate. There isn’t much more to say. It really can do it all.

Heil Liberty

This lightweight Liberty Automated Side Load Garbage Truck has a patented paddle packer that continuously sweepers the hopper and eliminates the need to stop and pack the load. What more can you ask for!

Heil Rapid Rail

The lightest side load in side loader history is here. Allowing commercial and residential refuse collection, the Rapid Rail® Automated Side Load Garbage Truck can go in that tight alley with ease. This truck is ideal for those downtown roads. Look no further for the agile truck you need.