The Quickview airHD is a rapid instant, wireless HD view into any sewer. Understanding the sewer conditions effectively and affordably, the high-powered zoom optics and Quickview assess the condition of the sewer lines. What a great addition this would be to your fleet!

The Quickview airHD is a quick and more affordable way of assessing sewer conditions, offering better productivity in features such as HD video, wireless operation, touchscreen controls, motorized tilt, hands-free stability, and remote centering. The camera includes an app that connects wirelessly to the camera allowing you to video share on multiple screens/devices.

Why Choose the Envirosight Quickview airHD?

  • In-manhole centering Motorized tilt using a Standoff gas spring to attain the desired height.
  • Patented Haloptic technology using four offset reflectors/lamps pair with the camera to give the operator more illumination farther into the pipe with optimum alignment at every distance.