Automated Front Loaders

Heil® engineering innovations continue to raise the bar, setting the standard for automated front load garbage trucks. Our patented Odyssey® Controls hydraulic control technology delivers waste industry-leading productivity with the lowest Total Cost of Collection (TCC), helping refuse haulers make more money on the route. If you are looking for the best automated front-load garbage truck for your refuse fleet, Heil residential front loaders deliver unbeatable efficiency and productivity. Click on the image for more details

Front Loaders

Commercial waste haulers face multiple challenges but Heil® commercial front load garbage truck bodies offer solutions for even the toughest waste-hauling route. Our commercial front loaders have the functionality and reliability to make your refuse routes easier and more profitable than any frontload trash truck in the waste industry.

View the lineup of industry-leading frontload garbage trucks below and learn how Heil delivers unbeatable performance and reliability for any refuse-collection fleet. Click on the image for more details

Automated Side Loaders

With their long reach and super-hero-level strength, Heil® automated side load garbage trucks are the MVPs in any residential or commercial sideload fleet. Our line of automated side loaders (ASL’s) are products of years of innovation and engineering excellence, providing provide unbeatable waste collection productivity and efficiency on both busy city streets and quiet neighborhood cul-de-sacs.

If you are looking for a sideload garbage truck, view our full line of automated sideloaders below and find the perfect truck for your waste hauling needs. Click on the image for more details

Rear Loaders

Heil® Rear Load Garbage Trucks are the workhorses for refuse collection in large cities and small towns around the world. Whether the route is commercial or residential, the legendary durability and reliability of our rear loaders provide efficiency and lowest Total Cost of Collection (TCC). Click on the image for more details.

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