The ROVVER X lets you do just about anything you need to inspect your sewer drains. The rover is agile, intelligent and versatile, and easy to use. The steerable six-wheel drives and maneuvers around obstacles, the modular design will adapt to a pipe of any size, the side-scanning and laser profile are just a few of the many features you can have with your ROVVER X.

The ROVVER X lets you control everything. The capabilities are packed into a simple three-piece layout, with no CCU or other components to clutter your truck. The ROVVER X increased visibility, capturing superior video resolutions, illuminates distant targets with 50% brighter LED, and boosts illumination in large pipes. The Adaptability of the ROVVER X includes a 7” range with 12 wheel options. Maneuverability controls any number of camera and crawler functions at once, pivoting in place with zero-degree turning. ROVVER X can crawl up to 1000’ with a standard reel while overcoming obstacles with unmatched maneuverability and power. Measurement of the Track pipe grade with the inclinometer and onboard sensors to monitor the temperature and pressure.


The ROVVER X Lateral Launch Sewer Camera Crawler. The ROVVER X SAT II is redesigned to give you the industry-leading productivity, range, and reliability, cost-efficient rover to find cross bores, perform pre-acceptance sewer inspections, and hunt down illicit flows.

The SAT II lateral launch crawler system is redesigned to give you industry-leading productivity, range, and reliability while keeping costs low. The ROVVER X SAT II crawls 1.4x faster and 2.0 x farther while launching 2.0x faster and 1.5x farther. Configurations that help launch rapidly from main lines that range 6” to 80”, changing the size of wheels it is compatible with to maximize productivity and efficiency. Equipped with a steerable 8×8 drivetrain, a detachable pan/tilt launch camera, and an axial launch camera with an integral targeting and reverse camera.

Why Choose the Envirosight ROVVER X SAT II?

  • 33% more Traction and 80” Mainline Ability in comparison to the ROVVER X
  • ROVVER X SAT II desktop command center puts every function at your fingertips. Inspect with maximum productivity.
  • 20/20 Hindsight and a LED color illumination light to help you manage cable during transverse travel.

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