Automated Front Loaders


Half / Pack

This game-changing automated front load garbage truck has proven to be one of the most dependable Residential Front Loaders in the business. New standards have been set, and the Half/Pack® Automated Front Loader is sure to exceed your expectations when it comes to a refuse collection vehicle.

Standard features include Illuminated Push Button Controls, Double-Walled Hopper, Hydraulic Tube Covers, Updated Integrated Display With On-Board Diagnostic Tool, Shur-Lock Tailgate Locks, Streetwise Hydraulics, Zinc-Plated Hydraulic Tubes, Body Backup Assist Lights, Hardened Rod Scrapers on Arm Cylinders, and more! Compatible with the Curotto-Can, it increases productivity from 25% to 30%, a game-changer in performance.


  • Fastest load time available — four to five seconds from wheel stop to wheel start.
  • 20% greater fuel efficiency due to less packing and idling.
  • Shorter wheelbases allow navigation through cul-de-sacs up to 25% faster
  • Eliminate cart loss and associated costs.
  • Eyes-forward operation enhances operator and public safety as well as reduces the risk of repetitive stress injuries.
  • Reduce contamination rates to less than 5%.
  • Having a uniformed front load fleet, requires fewer spare trucks and helps standardize your inventory.
  • Low 108″ cart dump height for safer operation — well below typical wires, trees and other overhead obstructions.
  • Load bulk material with easier access to container waste and eliminate the need for a chase truck.
  • Convert any commercial front loader to a residential collection unit in minutes.

Half / Pack Lowrider

Delivering both residential and commercial performance, the LowRider® Automated Front Loader garbage truck redefines productivity and safety in the business. Heil says it best, “high productivity with a low-profile attitude.” Fleet owners don’t need a second truck to handle bulk collections. LowRider® can do it all.

Standard features include Odyssey® Controls, Streetwise Hydraulics, Zinc-Plated Hydraulic Tubes, Lightning Cylinders, Updated Integrated Display, On-Board Diagnostic Tools, Illuminated Push Button Controls, and Aluminum Cab Shield & Top Door.

Choose between a 20 yd³, 23 yd³, or 28 yd³ Body Capacity, all coming with a standard Hopper Capacity of 10 yd³. The LowRider® has a gross capacity ranging between 30 to 28 yd³ with 15,350 lbs for all Body Capacity options.

The Heil® LowRider® is 12” lower than the standard Front Loader and has a tipping scale of4,150 lbs. They are equipped with Lighting Cylinders increasing dump cycle productivity by 23%. The LowRider® is compatible with the Curotto-Can, making the refuse truck the most productive residential collection vehicle on the road!

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