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The ROVVER X is the world's top inspection crawler.

The Envirosight product development team is always conducting market research to determine what attributes and features contribute the most to owner satisfaction.

Here are a few reasons the pros choose ROVVER X:

  1. Versatility: Inspect pipe of any size, material and condition with ROVVER X's array of wheels, auxiliary lamps and camera lifts. Three interchangeable chassis sizes handle pipes from 4" to 120".
  2. Maneuverability: Inspect farther by steering around obstacles, climbing offsets, and passing through inverts. ROVVER X invented the concept of a compact wheelbase and steerable 6-wheel drive.
  3. Integral Reporting: Enter observations as you inspect using ROVVER X's touchscreen. Export your observations, video and images seamlessly to WinCan software (included) for databasing, advanced reporting, mapping and PACP compliance.
  4. Productivity: Set up faster and streamline your inspections. No tools are needed to change out wheels, connect the cable, or attach the camera. ROVVER X's automatic reel and rear-view camera optimize crawler travel performance and minimize the risk of cable tangles.
  5. Portability: Inspect from any vehicle (even an ATV), thanks to ROVVER X's compact footprint, simplified layout and modest power demands. A high-tensile, 6-conductor design minimizes cable weight, making it easier for the crawler to pull, and reducing the reel's size and current draw.