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Push Cams - VeriSight Pro

VeriSight Pro has everything you need to inspect pipes, document your findings, and generate reports:

  • Reel: Welded steel construction with a slip-ring design and powder coat finish withstand the punishing service. Three sizes are available: 330', 200' and 130'.
  • Camera: A self-leveling stainless-steel camera captures color footage from pipes 2" and up, or 4" and up with an optional pan/tilt camera. LED lamps deliver variable-intensity, shadowless illumination.
  • Controls: Zoom video 3X on live or recorded video, capture still images, browse thumbnail galleries, and select among several available languages. Rated IP54, the controls run off mains power, vehicle power, or an internal rechargeable 6-hr battery.
  • Footage: VeriSight Pro's interface displays real-time footage on an 8" LCD and records up to 90 hours of digital video.
  • Location: The signal from VeriSight Pro's tri-band sonde can be picked up by any locator.
  • Text Writing: Enter up to 16 pages of text, and display distance counter measurements appear onscreen.
  • Reporting: VeriSight Pro is the only push camera available with optional data entry and reporting capabilities. With these options, you can enter standards-compliant observations using onboard defect catalogs, and then generate reports.